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Iriana Design & Plan (IDP)

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About us:
Iriana Design & Plan (IDP) is a Consulting Engineering Company which has been established in 2008 in order to fulfill the needs of our clients in management and multi-engineering disciplines especially in the field of Road Engineering, Transportation Planning, Urban Planning and Architecture. Our specialized and experienced professionals are committed to working enthusiastically with our clients to achieve sustainable and optimized solutions in increasingly complex conditions. As a consulting engineering, increasing client’s satisfaction and continually increasing the quality of life of people in projects regions are our main goals.

For achieving these goals and cover all aspects of our client’s project such as technical, logistical, legal, organizational, social, environmental and economic, innovative techniques, deep survey, proper services, cross functional activities and preparing suitable working atmosphere are considered in order to subsequently develop sharp, optimized and practical solutions. Our vision is to be a leading company and inspiration in management and engineering services of multi-disciplines projects especially in our preferred field. IDP can provide the following services to its clients:

  • Research and Development
  • Strategic alliance management
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Procurement Engineering and Project Management (Supervisory Project and MC Service)
  • Human resource management and professional training
  • Marketing and Communication management
  • Supply Management and Asset management
  • Health- Safety- Environmental (HSE) Management
  • Knowledge management
  • Value Engineering
  • Technical Design
  • Legal procedure
  • Business Development Plan (BDP)
  • Field survey and Inspection

 Also IDP is specialized to bring the required services to the clients in the following fields:

Road Engineering

  1. Road’s infrastructures design and construction
  2. Road Geometric design
  3. Pavement design
  4. Operation and maintenance
  5. Feasibility study
  6. Road Safety Audit (RSA)

Transportation and Traffic engineering

  1. Demand Modeling
  2. Integrated Multi-modal goods and passenger Transportation Planning
  3. Transportation economics
  4. Public Transportation Management (scheduling and routing and planning)
  5. Freight transportation and logistics management and Planning
  6. Rail Transit system management and planning
  7. Marine transportation and port design
  8. Traffic Safety
  9. Urban and Inter-city Transportation planning
  10. Feasibility and Impact Study in Transportation
  11. Transportation and Environment
  12. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  13. Micro and Macro Traffic flow Simulation & Calibration

Urban Planning, Architecture and Structure Engineering

  1. Strategic Urban Design